Sample Newsletter: Life Coach

Have you ever found yourself at the end of a long day, or a long week, or coming to the end of a long project and having just that one extra person come up and ask something of you, especially when you are doing your best to avoid adding anything further to your day or to your schedule? Of course you have. We all have.
And we all, also, react in different ways. Some get angry, some frustrated. Some simply say “yes” and get on with it and some - though sometimes not easy - say “no”.
I would like to offer you, for when you are again confronted with this situation, a simple and yet powerful tool. The tool is only three words long: “I’m at capacity.”
Just like “no” is a complete answer, “I’m at capacity” is as well. The difference, though, is that our special tool means a lot more than just “no”. It means that we cannot hold space for someone right now because we have more than enough grief of our own. It may mean that our bowl, while full, is also now showing signs of wear and tear and we are near exhaustion. “I’m at capacity” may mean that we realise the value of circling the wagons right now, and concentrating on our own growth and learning, for a while.
And I would like you to give yourself permission: when you say “I’m at capacity”, you need offer no explanations to anyone. You are under no obligation to explain. How often we feel the urge to over-explain our reasons or motivations; often, that is just a sign telling us that we don’t feel as if we deserve to take that time for ourselves. Give yourself permission to not offer explanations, to acknowledge that you are just as valuable - or more so right now - than others.
Because, once again: just like “no” is a complete answer, “I’m at capacity” is as well.


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